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Energy-saving Programs

1. Energy-saving programs

Traditional chain grate coal-fired boiler according to the actual situation out of the original replacement of old boilers WNS new energy-saving type of biomass steam boiler, the transformation was complete by the Bureau of Quality Supervision departments detection monitoring acceptance, re-apply for registration certificate to use special equipment, was transformed biomass boiler to meet production needs, to save companies the cost of production, so as to achieve energy saving, environmental protection, emission reduction purposes.

The replacement of the old steam boiler chain grate boiler technological transformation of biomass into fuel steam boiler, so as to achieve energy saving, environmental protection, emission reduction purposes.

2. The transformation plan

Analysis and design according to the customer production and transformation of boiler equipment situation:
Because of environmental emissions, energy conservation increasingly stringent requirements of the increasingly tight energy situation, energy-saving potential of the national government ministries work in order to better respond to national energy plan, energy conservation and cost, according to the requirements of environmental protection, use of new clean new green energy (biomass).

Design uses original boiler will be transformed into burning biomass steam boiler, to replace the existing coal-fired oil / fuel steam boiler, the boiler steam through technological innovation to meet customer production processes required for customers to save production costs, saving management costs, operating costs, and can effectively achieve energy saving and environmental protection requirements.

Chain grate coal-fired steam boiler to burn biomass steam boiler:
Add in the original steam boiler on the basis of the secondary boiler fan system, the new secondary feed means wind and valve, the new bins and other components for technological transformation.

Oil / gas steam boiler into a biomass-fired steam boiler:
Oil / gas boiler replacement new biomass dedicated burner, replace the new inverter control system and other components for technological transformation.

3. Examples

Dongguan Kaiwei Knitting Garment Co., Ltd. Energy-saving biomass boiler installation, contracting for the safe operation of the steam energy management: