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The long-term recruit fireman (treatment Baochibaozhu purchase commercial insurance, a monthly salary of 3500 ~ 4500 yuan / month)

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the boiler room boiler systems and other equipment to run the operation, quality commissioning work;
2. Master the technical condition of equipment operation, ensure the normal and reasonable running and energy saving;
3. Do a good job with the annual maintenance and repair work of boiler and ancillary equipment;
4. The system can handle glitches, identify problems and timely reported to the relevant leaders.

1. Healthy, well-behaved, obedience factory management, without any adverse record; male about 40 years old.
2. With the boiler permits, familiar with the works of boiler equipment and operational requirements, has a good foundation of professional and management experience;
3. More than three years of operation of boiler equipment operation practical work experience;
4. Familiar with the operation of biomass steam boiler operation.
5. Practical work hard, serious and responsible work.

Sales / marketing staff

job requirements:
1. high school education;
2. Age: 25 - 35 years old, male or female;
3. has a good presentation, communication skills, a certain degree of organization and management capacity and coordination, responsible, proactive, hardworking.

Job Responsibilities:
1. to collect market information, market data analysis, feedback to-date information.
2. the development of the company target customers looking for services demand side.
3. is responsible for organizing and implementing the company's image promotion, business expansion work.
4. responsible for the company's new market development, market maintenance companies.

Salary: basic salary + commission.

Please eligible, direct dial telephone dwell, thank you.