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Welcome to Dongguan City Tak Trading Co., Ltd. formally launched!
Release time:2016-04-25     Read:0
Dongguan City, Guangdong Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, it is to improve the company's market economy, the Environmental Protection Agency in response to the call of the new energy company to serve our customers and the establishment of energy management projects. Located in Changping Town, Dongguan City Road along the river Gang Zi No. 155, the main town of the domestic provinces and cities in energy management projects: along with energy management, boiler thermal equipment, clothing, wool washing equipment, professional installation, maintenance, professional design energy management services, and biomass pellet fuel homegrown excellent train service chain.

Experienced Dongguan City Trade Co., Ltd., sales of thermal equipment (boilers), laundry equipment, installation, repair and maintenance work of the Decade; has a professional service technician, welder installation, a professional fireman operatives technology, comprehensive services and meticulous work attitude working thermal equipment, boilers, laundry equipment. Companies adhering to the "GUANG the world to give all users the heart" of the service business philosophy, the most sincere cooperation to promote cooperation between the customer and, in the most sincere attitude to accept the views of users, the company continued to develop and create better prospects.

Dongguan City, Guangdong Trade Co., Ltd. has a sound two biomass production plant, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Nankang district, Guangde Bio Energy Co., Ltd., Fujian Nan'an City, Guangde Bioenergy Limited, belonging to the Department of Dongguan City in the Trade Ltd. subsidiary, is a professional manufacturer of automatic metaplasia material particles, the factory has 18 sets of fully automated production lines, the daily production of 230 tons of biomass particles.

In advocating green technology, energy conservation and new forms as the world entered the development of "low-carbon economy" period, the company has invested a lot of manpower and resources dedicated to research and development of new energy and energy equipment engaged in the transformation of biomass , applied technology research and development of biomass boiler production and sales. Combined with the actual situation, the company introduced Japan, Taiwan technology improvement and develop a new type of automatic burner, breaking the old boiler design and application of the design concept, at the same time, the company also developed a series of new energy-saving products, better use fuel boiler thermal efficiency, providing more choices for energy-saving boiler level. To serve as one, with a variety of operating modes of cooperation to thermal energy (steam boilers) production, management, leasing, contracting, sales approach with many customers to establish long-term cooperative relationship, to achieve the perfect combination of technology, energy-saving, environmental protection, low-carbon .

The company has always insisted the concept of innovation seek development in order to save operating costs of production, the company newly established manufacturing biomass pellet fuel, the company has its own biomass pellet production line, the biomass particles trucks to meet their production rental contract for the steam needs . Companies and many large companies long-term cooperation, "zero rent" approach to contractor supplying steam customers. The company will continue to adhere to the integrity of management, thoughtful and meticulous service to innovation and development.

Dongguan City in the Trade Co., Ltd. Address: Changping Town, Dongguan City Road along the river Gang Zi No. 155.