Water tube boiler
The T series steam boiler adopts the classic three-pass structure, which meets all the requirements of modern steam boilers.To meet the requirements, the optional split flue gas waste heat recovery device and corresponding system can be promoted toachieveEfficient use of fuel.
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Horizontal sequential combustion three-pass steam boiler

The T series steam boiler adopts the classic three-pass structure to meet all currentIn place of the requirements of steam boilers, an optional split flue gas waste heat recovery device andThe corresponding system can realize the efficient use of fuel.

●Classic three-return design
Wet back structure is adopted everywhere in the furnace bladder and the re-combustion chamber, and the water layer covers the high temperature fireFlame enhances the heat transfer effect. At the same time, the flue gas is designed to be three-way along with the combustion, and the smokeLong gas flow, low exhaust gas temperature and high heat exchange efficiency.

●Wide-capacity corrugated furnace
Adopt large-diameter corrugated furnace design to obtain better elastic structure and replacementThermal effect, greatly improving heat exchange efficiency.

●High-efficiency screw pipe
All WNS series adopt threaded smoke tube technology, and the flue gas circulates strongly to obtainWhile good elasticity, heat transfer efficiency is enhanced and fuel consumption is saved.

●Full flange structure, 100% butt welding
The overall structure of the boiler adopts gold plated edges and butt welding technology. Avoid fillet weldsAt the same time, stress is reduced and product quality is greatly improved.

●Steam-water separation, high-quality steam
Built-in high-efficiency steam-water separator, with large boiler vapor phase space fully guaranteedThe separation of steam and water meets the requirements of users for higher quality steam.

●Ceramic fiber insulation system
The smoke box newly designed for this series adopts a quick-opening double insulation structure,It is easy to maintain while reducing heat dissipation: the furnace body is made of ultra-thick ceramic fiber.Heavy heat preservation system, good heat preservation effect, less heat loss.

●Low nitrogen and environmental protection

The standard furnace type uses a low-nitrogen burner, and the nitrogen oxide reaches 80mg/Nm?Standard; ultra-low nitrogen furnace type with optional flue gas recirculation technology (FGR) ultra-low nitrogen combustionAfter burning the machine, the nitrogen oxide emission reached the latest Beijing standard (30mg/Nm').