Steam generator
The steam generator is equipped with an integrated condensing heat exchanger, which occupies a small area and has a compact structure. The use of a safer vertical water tube boiler structure is improving
At the same time of efficiency, it can meet users' requirements for high-quality steam.
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●Energy saving and environmental protection
Advanced full premixed low-nitrogen combustion technology, air and gas are fully mixed in advance, and surface combustion is adopted to fully burn gas, improve combustion efficiency, effectively inhibit NO production, and achieve NO emissions below 30mg/m2.

● No installation supervision
According to "Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations", boilers with normal water level and water volume less than 50L and working pressure less than 0.8MPa do not need to go through the procedures for use, do not need to go through the annual inspection, and do not need the operation certificate. Modular design, small footprint, flexible and convenient installation, and can realize any combination of multiple boilers.

●High efficiency and high quality
The structure design of small volume and high heat radiation can produce steam in 3 minutes and reach the rated steam pressure in 5 minutes. The built-in steam and moisture distributor can improve steam quality and meet users' requirements for high-quality steam.

●Safe and reliable
The water wall temperature feedback system monitors the fouling on the pipe wall, automatically alarms for minor fouling, and compulsively shut down for severe fouling. Equipped with multiple interlocking protection mechanisms such as safety valve overpressure protection, pressure controller overpressure protection, and extremely low water level protection.

●Convenient and intelligent
One-key operation is realized for start, stop, and operation, to display all parameter data of the system, to realize fully automatic operation, and simple operation: no special personnel are required.